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We Are Just Children

Charity for Kids around the World

"We Are Just Children" is a non-profit organization that was created

to help children around the World.

We are 100% Tax deductible with 501(c)3 &

Part of Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan

A lot of children in Ukraine need help   

We are dedicated to:

To help Children who have been left behind.

To help children who don't have parents.

To help Children who were born just as the source of income.

The government in Ukraine pays to the parents for each child a certain amount of money every 


That is why some decides to have children. The payments stop when a child reaches his/her 4th birthday, then children have been abandoned and have no place to leave, nor anybody to take 

care of them.

I found out that, "Even during the early years, the children were not taken care of, and sometimes when they get sick, the parents bring them to the hospital and leave them there for six months or more, while collecting money and enjoy their lives. Children can be orphans, even when their parents are alive, because they don't care about them. It is truly sad because these years are critical for a child's psychological development. They need to be loved and nurtured; which helps their cognitive development in the future. 

 "We Are Just Children is Charity for underpriviledged kids."

We will do everything possible to help this children.

If you know the child that doesn't have basic resourses for living, child that parents left behind and don't care about, please let us know: email to [email protected]

We will help in any way we can.

These children are just like our children

They could excel and succeed in anything if they only will get the opportunity. My heart bleeds for them and I think, if anything, we all can contribute a little, then these children can actually have the opportunity to have normal childhood, they are only children that unfortunately were left behind.

The biggest thing for them is to believe that somebody really cares about them.

These kids start to think that they are not worth of anything because nobody cares about them and they feel all alone in this world.

Our goals are to help underprivileged children and orphans around the World. All children are our future. They all deserve our love. Join us to feed, teach, protect, and nurture children.

No metter where they are from, They are only Children

and they need our help

Check our photo Galery to see how we helping children

No child should be left behind 

Lets help them to be just children and give them the basics that any child need: food, clothes and the feeling that they are not along, that someone out there cares about them.

Someone thinking about you

All children deserve to have a childhood: play, go to school, and not to worry about tomorrow.  

An Orphans with living parents

If parents drunk every day, children only eat if they find something, if not, no body cares where they are and what they do. Even at four its hard to realize that nobody cares about you. Lets help them to be just kids and the opportunity they deserve.