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We Are Just Children

Charity for Kids around the World

Thank you for your support;All clothes that we collected we sent to Ukraine.The children were so happy and very thankful to each of you.

The clothes and shoes can be send to:

PO Box 1291

Monroe, NY 10949

if you have any questions call me at (347)803-8067

Valentina VanPoucke

Helping provide children with basic needs like clothes and food is very important. I think it is the first step; and we all at "We Are Just Children Inc." thankful for your support.

Children need to wear proper clothes to protect them from UV light and harsh weather conditions. Many children in Ukraine specially the ones we work with been complaining that this winter children did not have proper shoes, they had to wear raining boots in the snow, which can lead to Cold weather injuries and can be life or limb threatening. The best way to avoid these injuries is to have proper clothes. It is hard to watch when children wear the same rain boots in hot or cold.  

Children were so happy by trying on the clothes they received, some of them kept it on for few days didn’t want to take it off. They are simple just children and very little can make them happy which will contribute for they future psychological development.

All your contributions are 100% tax deductible. We are proud to be part of "Community foundation of Orange and Sullivan County".

There is nothing better to give back to your community and make the world to be a better place.